Memory Lane 2106 Edition

2016 was full of many great and not so great memories. From the road trip with my sister to the crazy parties or nights out at the bar, and to new years eve with the amazing people who decided to stick around. 2016 had its ups and downs but I got through it…surprisingly.



In January of 2016 my sister and I loaded up in my car and drove 6 hours to go see my friend’s band perform. She had never heard of them and I had only gotten to see them once since I met them in October of 2015 thanks to a friend of mines fiance whom had been working for them at the time. Out of the 4 men I got to meet that met that night I was the closest with the drummer, Ryan. Ryan was much taller than me so hanging out with him was like being an ant looking up at a skyscraper, and it was actually pretty funny.

Before the show, my sister and I hung out with just Ryan until they started getting ready to go on. We walked outside with them for a bit while they stretched for a bit, telling jokes and just having fun, but of course, Dallas in the middle of January is pretty cold so they made it pretty quick. During the show, my sister and I stood up front because we are short as heck and literally everyone else there stood at least 6 foot tall. After the show we let them get everything but away before I introduced her to the rest of the band. these 4 men are probably the nicest people I’ve ever met.

A few things I forgot to mention, when I told Ryan we would be at the show he actually but us on the guest list so we got in for free and during the show, when the lead singer, also named Ryan, was thanking everyone for attending he actually made a little joke about how long my sister and I had driven just to see them.


The next few months went by pretty quickly, I got into a relationship that didn’t last long at all. He was sweet, don’t get me wrong, but he wanted to basically control my life and move quicker than I was ready for. After only a week he told me he loved me and started talking about marriage, kids, moving in together, and at the time I was 19 about to turn 20. It took me a month to call the relationship off and shortly after that I met my current boyfriend, Josh.

Josh had just gotten back from Germany when we met and was getting ready to leave for law school. Josh and I spent as much time as possible together before he moved 2 hour away for school, not to far away but between both of our schedules it did make it a little harder to see each other. Many of our conversations starting out did consist of what our plans were for the future, we both agreed that neither of us want kids at the moment and that we both just wanted to live life and do what makes us happy. Josh is great and I honestly couldn’t be happier, we have been together for 7 months and so far the only problem we have is the amount of time we spend apart do to schedules.

The summer months were by far the best and most beautiful months of the year. Between my birthday in June, 4th of July parties and all of the beach trips, both day time and late night, it was never a dull moment.


In August, Josh and many of my friends left for school, meaning that our usual group of friends temporarily got much smaller. But those of us who remained continued to hang out, throwing a few parties, hitting the bars every now and then.

In September I started my YouTube channel and honestly, I’m loving it. Yes i procrastinate or forget to post sometimes, but just knowing that I now have an entire other platform to express myself on feels great.

October followed quickly, meaning Halloween was almost here, and of course I was late to the costume train because I’m such a procrastinator so I kept it basic and just went as a devil. We had two different options, party wise, for the night. Half of my friends went to the local LGBT bar and the other half of us went to a huge party downtown. The party we went to, there were 4 different bars open, one of them being one that the only open for major events, along with a street party. We had a blast and for sure, made it a night to remember.


November is when my life kinda went down hill… I lost my job the week of Thanksgiving, then lost my best friends a few days after. That week had been the darkest week of my life and I honestly felt like giving up on everything at that point. But of course, Josh was there for me and helped me realized that I didn’t need them in my life. It was that same moment when I realized just how much I had let them take advantage of me and use me for their own gain. I ended that month happily letting those negative people walk out of my life.


December started the job hunt and also reopened the doors on some old friendships that have honestly changed me for the better. I now have 2 people who I can honestly say are my best friends and my loving boyfriend and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The 3 of them have been my rocks through all of the hard times this year and I am truly blessed to have them.


With 2017 now upon us I can only hope that this year is full of positivity and productivity. 2017 will be the year that I make major changes in my life and get where I want to be. My only advice to give you is to do what makes you happy, don’t let others bring you down, make sure to support the ones you love and they will support you and lastly, don’t hesitate to make your dreams come true.

With Love,


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